Customs portal


We have developed the online customs portal under the supervision of our top customs experts in order to make the quality and convenience of our customs services more effective. You can find all documents for individual customs cases on the portal, so you can use it as an archive without the need for subsequent archiving in your company.

Additional features are continuously added to the portal to make working with it as simple as possible and easier, save time and automate as many administrative processes in customs clearance as possible.

The customs portal allows our customers to:

  • Have all cases of customs clearance and related communication under control and in one place, even for inspections by the tax office and customs administration.
  • Have documents available at any time for the period prescribed by law.
  • Export individual customs cases in XML and PDF format.
  • Improve and unify communication with our customs declarants and the customs office.

You can use the customs portal platform free of charge.

PST CLC Mitsui-Soko Customs portal