We currently employ more than 400 people at 22 branches across the Czech Republic.


PST CLC Mitsui-Soko is divided into divisions, within which new vacancies are continually opening up.


employees in the Czech Republic


sites all over the Czech Republic

85 000 m2

of storage area

Customs services

80 employees


30 employees


240 employees

Most often we are looking for new employees in the so-called executive divisions, which include Customs services, Transport and Warehousing.

Customs services focus on processing customs cases with an emphasis on speed, quality and cost optimisation. At customs offices we are most often looking for Customs brokers or Administrative support staff. This division has branches all over the Czech Republic.

Transport is further subdivided into land, container, air and sea transport and distribution. In this division we are most often looking for new colleagues for the positions of Dispatchers of individual types of transport, Invoicing clerks, Project managers or Key account managers. Most of these employees are based in Prague and Ostrava.

Warehousing employs the largest number of employees in our company, working primarily within our Logistics centres in 6 sites across the country. We are continuously looking for employees for the positions of Warehouse operators, Shift leaders or LC managers. Other positions in this division include Project managers, Planning specialists or Customer service specialists.

The economic division includes the Accounting department, Financial controlling and HR, Office management and Integrated control system management (ISO, OHS, FP). Employees are based in both the administrative headquarters in Prague and the company headquarters in Ostrava. Accountants, Controlling specialists and HR specialists are among the most frequently filled positions.

The IT division ensures the technical functioning of the company – whether the day-to-day administration of the company’s technical facilities or the development of new systems.