Road forwarding of containers

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We offer first and last mile transportation from terminals in Prague, Mělník, Lovosice, Pardubice, Česká Třebová and Ostrava as part of our container road transportation service. In international transportation we offer two-way road transportation between the ports in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Koper and Gdansk.

Our container transportation service includes the following:

  • 24-hour dispatching of vehicles with EURO 6 emission standard
  • Issuance of VGM (verified gross mass) certificate
  • Issuance of T1 transit document
  • Deferred delivery
  • Option of additional insurance of shipments beyond the carrier’s liability
  • Customs clearance of goods in a network of public and private customs offices

Additional services:

  • B/Z-NUMMER for export
  • VERWAHRERWECHSEL – container transport document within the HBG port
  • TOUR PLAN (TP) – for HBG terminals CTT, CTA, CTB, EUROGATE
  • VDD – export declaration
  • ATB – issuance of a new number according to information on the invoice
  • A18, A09 – issuance of documents (VERPLICHTUNGSSCHEIN, KAI AUS LIEFERANTRAG)
  • CPA X-rays, goods checks, veterinary and phytosanitary checks in HBG
  • Transshipment storage in HBG and CZ warehouse