Land forwarding

Thanks to many years of experience and our team of professional and flexible agents, we will always find and provide optimal transportation, wherever your goods are. We emphasize the individual requirements of each client and make sure our deliveries are reliable and first-rate.

Land forwarding

In land forwarding we provide Full Truck Load and pallet transport throughout the Czech Republic and Europe with the following parameters:

  • Efficient utilization of free transport capacities
  • First/Last Mile Deliveries of marine containers
  • Option of insuring shipments beyond the carrier’s liability
  • Ensuring the storage or transhipment of goods and their subsequent pallet distribution
  • Option of clearing goods in a network of public and non-public customs workplaces
  • Variable processing of shipments in logistics centers in Ostrava, BrnoÚžice and Pohořelice.

Newly we offer a collection service from Hamburg to the Czech Republic in the form of combined transport by road and rail. These are up to 3 departures per week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with arrivals the following morning. The advantage is the elimination of the effects of bad weather and traffic on the road, such as driving time restrictions.

Our service includes:

  • Consignment pickup in the port
  • Combined transport (road and railway) from Hamburk to the Czech Republic
  • Transfer to our warehouse at Václav Havel Airport, Havla, Praha Ruzyně
  • We offer the option of picking up your consignment free of charge from our warehouses at the  airport
  • Subsequent complex logistics services – customs (T1 document issuance, import customs clearance), storage (warehousing in our LC), distribution (delivery of goods throughout the Czech Republic)


Our comprehensive services include the distribution of goods from our own logistics centers in Ostravě, BrněÚžicích and Pohořelicích, as well as from the warehouses of clients. Our distribution ensures:

  • Quality control and management of orders
  • Online processing and tracking of shipments via TMS
  • Pallet distribution
  • Daily transport Bohemia-Moravia-Slovakia
  • D+1 delivery
  • Delivery according to time windows
  • Cash on delivery
  • Pallet management
  • Inspection and processing of returns