Export customs services


Customs clearance of exported consignments includes the transport of goods, complete provision of all necessary documentation, monitoring of the export operation and delivery of confirmation of the departure of goods through the PST CLC Mitsui-Soko Customs Portal.

With the Export Customs Clearance service we issue accompanying export documents exclusively in electronic form, mostly in simplified customs procedures.

Representation in customs procedures governed by the Terms and Conditions includes the following services:

  • The issuance of accompanying export documents
  • Representation in the issuance of a certificate of the origin/status of the goods (EUR1, EUROMED, A.TR)
  • REX registration support (separate certificate of origin for the countries involved)
  • Support in the case of physical inspection of the goods declared by the customs office
  • Support in providing alternative evidence of the departure of the goods
  • Archiving of all submitted and issued documents
  • EAD archiving in XML and PDF form

Export customs clearance procedures are ensured by our team of experienced customs declarants quickly, reliably and always in accordance with valid legislation.